Birgit –

I received the painting today.  It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m totally
thrilled with it!  You’re a fantastic painter and you’ve truly captured that “Corgi look.”  Thanks!

Chris T.

It’s absolutely beautiful…

Hello!  I returned from a trip out of town today to find that the Shirt had arrived.  It’s even better than I thought it would be! I know we will enjoy it for a long time–thanks!  


We will enjoy it for a long time…

I got the “Corgi in the Moon” a few months ago.  I’ve had so many people comment on how cute it is – wait til they see this one!
Thanks again,
Cathy Harner

Thanks again…

Hi,     Just received my first shirt of yours.  It is beautiful!  I’m sure I will be getting more.  I’ve already  got my next purchase in mind, but was waiting to see if the shirts were as lovely in person as they are on the computer.  They are!  Thanks again for a very neat addition to my corgi collection!   Great doing business with you.

 Debby Day

I’m sure I will be getting more…

Hi Birgit. I received the beautiful T-Shirt painting yesterday and love it! Have it on already to help brighten up the rainy days we’ve been having! I left you feedback yesterday and hope to have some pictures to send you soon.   Thanks!  Donna

Received the beautiful T-Shirt painting…

Birgit, I just visited your web site. What beautiful work you do! I’m very impressed with the pictures of your work and plan to order a T-Shirt for a very dear friend. May have to think of something for myself as well.
— Vicki Bocks

I’m very impressed with the pictures…

Well I love your artwork and your Corgi Art.  I was wondering if you could do one of my Corona the Corgi.  And if so how much?  Just wondering. I think the pictures almost look like a dream.  You do beautiful work.  Let me know — Sara 

You do beautiful work…

I love your Corgi silk paintings!  I just saw the Couch Potato one today
& am not sure whether I should bid on it or ask you about doing a custom
painting of my little corgi Emmy Lou. Thanks a bunch!
Meredith Ritchards

All I can say is, “Wow!”

The artwork is fabulous.  It really captured each and every one of our dogs.
We could definitely tell they were “ours”.  Thank you so much for taking
their pictures and creating this treasure.
Ginny, Pam & the Cavaliers.

Fabulous Artwork!

Birgit,  the pleasure was ours.  We had a wonderful time.  I have to tell you that every time I see the adorable corgi on the
pillowcase that is now stuffed and sitting in the living room, I smile. I love it so.  Thank you for making it. Affectionately,

Thank you for making it…